CHATIPA | West Coast-ish AI IPA

CHATIPA | West Coast-ish AI IPA

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West Coast-ish AI IPA
6.9% ABV | 473ml

Hello Beer Drinkers.

We've designed a beverage for a new market. An untapped mark. AI. This beverage has everything a computer would want. A great clean and crisp taste, quality base malts for complexity, Citra, a percentage that comes in just shy of 7. Also, no we didn't actually use ai to write a beer recipe, that ain't right. 

Sadly we overlooked the part where we can't transmit alcohol through the cloud so this beer will to be for the humans. So grab your favourite piece of technology, pour yourself a cold ChatIPA and have a laugh or two! Maybe you have more in common than you thought! 

- Beere Brewing Company


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