Brouilly 'Pisse-Vieille'

Brouilly 'Pisse-Vieille'

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Red Wine

This climate with such a special name owes its reputation to a legend, that of a very pious winemaker who regularly went to confession only to admit to banal, unimportant faults. The priest of Cercié (one of the communes of the Brouilly appellation), undoubtedly exasperated by this almost weekly repetition, admonished her one day very kindly: Come on! And don't fish anymore! But our old lady was a little hard of hearing. She heard: Come on! And don't pee anymore! It must be said that in Beaujolais dialect, to fish is to piss. It’s easy to imagine what happens next. The old woman was only relieved of her ordeal when her husband, worried, went to see the priest for an explanation. Back home, he shouted to her from the bottom of the hill: Old piss, old piss, the priest says it! This is how the place was named.

- Domaine du Petit Pérou

  • Grapes: 100% Gamay
  • Region: France / Beaujolais / Brouilly
  • ABV: 12.5%

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