LITTLE RED WAGON | Tart Cherry Pie Ale

LITTLE RED WAGON | Tart Cherry Pie Ale

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Tart Cherry Pie Ale
5.4% ABV | 473ml

Remember when things were built to last? When you knew it was home time by the length of the shadows? When dessert was made with loving hands right in your kitchen, and smelled and tasted better than anything else?

We've rolled out our homage to good times and good taste in our Little Red Wagon- again! Tart red cherries give the beer a most gorgeous violet glow, while deliciated additions of cooking spices and a mountain of Golden Naked Oats have you swearing you're smelling fresh-baked pie. Tart acidity at the end of every mouthfeel balances the rich pie flavours and keeps your tastebuds fresh and longing for more.

You could eat a pie. Or you could get on the wagon and drink it. Yeah, that's what we thought.

Welcome aboard!

- Cabin Brewing Co.


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