'Anfora Arancione'

'Anfora Arancione'

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Natural Orange Wine

100% grapes from Yamagata Prefecture are used. Delaware grapes skin-fermented in an amphora for 10-13 days are used as the base, and Steuben grapes, Neo Muscat grapes, and Merlot grapes skin-contacted for 12 hours are used as the base. 10% whole-cluster fermentation. 50% aged in an amphora, the rest in stainless steel tanks.

Tasting Notes: The aroma has a candy scent from edible varieties, and elements of orange peel and jasmine tea gradually appear. The taste maintains the freshness of the grapes while having a well-balanced acidity, and the lingering umami flavor from maceration extends. As you drink it, you can faintly feel the bitter impression of herbs from whole-cluster fermentation and skin fermentation, and it has a non-monotonous taste. The aftertaste has soft tannins, so you can feel comfortable after drinking it.

 - Grape Republic

  • Grapes: 87% Delaware, 5% Steuben, 5% Neo Muscat, 3% Merlot
  • Region: Japan / Yamagata Prefecture
  • ABV: 11.5%

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