'Luv Yuzu Lite'
'Luv Yuzu Lite'
'Luv Yuzu Lite'

'Luv Yuzu Lite'

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Natural Sparkling-ish White Wine

Vinification: The winemakers begin by selecting the most choice lots of pomace from direct press white and rosé, short-term macerated orange, and carbonic red lots. These are pressed grapes that still have flavor and structure to give before they are composted. They add just enough filtered water to collect the remaining vinous essence, while also providing a sensible dilution factor to the base wine.

They then macerate Riesling wine with yuzu peel for four days. The yuzu is sourced by friends at YUZUCO and grown to the highest standards in Miyazaki, Japan. The peel is prepared meticulously in lockstep with the juicing process at harvest. The peels are zested and pureéd; zero pith, all golden zest. Yuzu peel purée is flash frozen and arrives bright and perfumed with no observable oxidation. The yuzu-infused Riesling is strained, blended with the piquet te cuvée, and bottled with a Champagne yeast starter for a dry finish.

Tasting notes: A classic California Riesling profile of white flowers and pineapple marries beautifully with the herbaceous, floral citrus flavor of Yuzu for a wine that is bright and refreshing.

*PLEASE NOTE* this says it is a sparkling wine. The winemakers have let us know this is not going to get the level of carbonation on it that it saw last year. It's still utterly delicious, but not SUPER fizzy.

- Garneau Block

  • Grapes: 75% Piquette of Riesling, Muscat, Pinot Gris, Gewurztraminer, and Montepulciano, 25% Riesling
  • Region: United States / California / San Benito County
  • ABV: 8.0% 

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