MÉLANGE | Blended Cherry Sour

MÉLANGE | Blended Cherry Sour

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Blended Cherry Sour
5.5% ABV | 473m

Brace your taste buds because Mélange is back, and better than ever! This brew is a true cellared treasure, blending five distinct barrels to create a multidimensional mélange that's as dynamic as it is delicious! But don't let its tart facade fool you - Mélange is the smooth operator of sours, with a subtle tartness that's balanced perfectly by hints of spice and bursts of cherry goodness. Plus, with a color this captivating, it's as if the beer is blushing at you!

Tasting notes: 
Juicy, quick tartness with a dry finish, notes of cherry and spice, medium mouthfeel, soft carbonation.

- Four Winds Brewing Co.

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