'Golden Russet' Apple Cider
'Golden Russet' Apple Cider

'Golden Russet' Apple Cider

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French Cidre 
5.8% ABV | 750ml

On a trip to France in 2022, we fell in love with the cidre from Normandy. 

Fruity and rich with the perfect level of sweetness, it. felt like a new world — especially since we've spent so long making ciders with zero residual sugar. 

We knew we had to try making it. Reinette Russet is the most popular russet apple in France, and originated in Normandy in the 1770s. It was the natural choice for this cider. 

We let the juice wild ferment, but bottled it just before it was finished, arresting fermentation to preserve just enough of the natural apple sugars. Reinette is our first cider with residual sweetness in almost a decade. 

Every sip takes us back to the French countryside. 

Off dry, lightly sparkling, 70 cases made. 

- revel

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