SCOTTISHish | Scottish Export Ale

SCOTTISHish | Scottish Export Ale

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Scottish Export Ale
5.2% ABV | 473mL

Introducing a beer that Sean Connery himself would be proud to announce; Scottishish Export Ale.

While the English often hog the limelight when it comes to malty, easy-drinking pub ales, they sure don’t hold a monopoly.

Just north of the wall in bonny Scotland, an entire movement of lower alcohol, slightly darker and mildly sweeter pub ales has emerged to help those from the Highlands to the Lowlands cope with some dastardly wet and cold winters.

Nae, our version is not truly Scottish, as we’ve blended highly flavourful British, German and Canadian malts to ensure delectable caramel and toffee notes - but it’s Scottishish and aye, it’s tasty!

- Cabin Brewing Co.


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