SPONS 001 | Lambic-style Gueuze

SPONS 001 | Lambic-style Gueuze

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Lambic-style Gueuze
6.1% ABV | 500ml

Spōns is our first ever spontaneously fermented beer, which is what brewers call it when we move wort (beer before it’s beer) into a long, shallow, open top vessel called a koelschip. Instead of the usual method of cooling the boiling wort down via an industrial heat exchanger then transferring it in a sterile, airless vessel where we add yeast, a koelschip allows the wort to cool down naturally over time.

Since yeast naturally occurs everywhere out in the elements, we relied strictly on nature to work its magic on this beer, essentially letting it sit outside overnight on the first day of its life so it could mix and mingle with all of the microflora and yeast particles dancing in the autumn air. Almost 5 years later, the result is a Lambic-style of beer most similar to a Gueuze – think ‘funky sour saison’.

- Blindman Brewing

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