'The Alright Fight Club'
'The Alright Fight Club'

'The Alright Fight Club'

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White Wine

The first rule of The Alright Fight Club is that it isn't just alright; it's really alright, alright, alright. We wanted to make an easy-drinking, crushable wine in the spirit of Backseats & Beautiful Mistakes and California Gigolo. And this one punches above its weight class.

We start with Grüner Veltliner, our favorite thing to come out of Austria since Mozart, Schwarzenegger, and Redbull. This delicious grape is known for its citrusy vibes and mouthwatering acidity that makes flavors explode in your mouth like pop rock candy. We sourced this lot from the Hamish Vineyard in Edna Valley, an area just outside of San Luis Obispo known for its clay-rich soils and cool Pacific Ocean breeze. These moderate conditions lead to an extended growing season, which helps create complex and exotic flavors.

To keep things interesting, we made Chenin Blanc the tag team partner, another white variety known for its acidic punch and pome fruit flavors. Fermented and aged for a few rounds in stainless steel, we bottled the juice up to lock in as much freshness as possible.

Once we step into the ring, marvel at the refreshing straw hue and soak in the alluring aromas of lemongrass, pear, and honeysuckle. Spit out your mouthpiece and start drinking because this wine tastes DELICIOUS. Loads of lemon, apple, grapefruit, and white peach pour out of the glass. The finish is groovy and will leave you with a smile.

- Tank Garage Winery

  • Grapes: 85% Grüner Veltiner, 15% Chenin Blanc
  • Region: United States / California / Central Coast / San Luis Obispo County / Edna Valley
  • ABV: 11.2%

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