Vinland Aquavit

Vinland Aquavit

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40% ABV I 750 mL

Aquavit (also known as Akvavit) is a traditional celebratory spirit from the Nordic countries defined by its use of caraway, dill and fennel. Our four time award-winning aquavit is named “Vinland”, which is what the Vikings called Canada.

Vinland aquavit has over 20 spices and herbs contributing to it’s intricate palate, including locally grown caraway and dill. Our generous use of botanicals is what creates such an alluring blend of flavours, which is why our Vinland Aquavit has won best aquavit in Canada three years in a row.

Often used as a digestive, this clear spirit is traditionally drunk straight, but has recently become quite a popular cocktail base. In fact, it’s our favourite cocktail spirit! It can easily replace vodka or gin in many drinks.

Confluence Distilling 

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